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Fandral the Dashing silently entered a sleeping chamber and sat on the edge of the bed within. He gazed down at the girl who laid there, her blonde curls draped over her face. He gently brushed her hair back and continued to look at her, in complete wonder at her existence. As he sat in the dark, admiring her perfection, he recalled exactly how she came to be in his life.

It had been no secret on Asgard, Fandral was a womanizer… and a fatalist womanizer at that. When he wasn’t burrowed in the bottom of an ale mug, he was seen in the company of one or two maidens and bragging about his victories on the battlefield with much exaggeration. However, after a visit to Midgard, Fandral’s behavior began changing. He soon stopped all womanizing, drinking, and hunting for the attention and admiration of his peers. He was often gone for days at a time and when he was on Asgard he simply trained, did his duty as a warrior, and stayed in his chamber alone.

His normal flock of maidens soon discovered that they would be shooed away and ignored when they sought his company. They eventually gave up and went on to chase the other mighty men that walked about the palace. The local pub found that their nights were quieter and their bar was missing one regular customer.

Many people, especially Thor, questioned him for his change of attitude, but Fandral was not very keen to answer. He would simply turn a light shade of red and shrug off the question, then change the subject. Little did they know that Fandral had found whatever it was his heart needed on Midgard. He found a woman who he could devote his entire existence upon. A Midgardian woman who had found him wounded in the woods from battle and healed his injuries. Upon being healed, Fandral found any excuse to visit her, unsure why he wanted to in the first place. He had never felt anything like this for any woman in his life. Whatever he usually felt involved his trousers and a couple of glasses of wine. For her, it was very different… for her, his world was flipped upside-down. At first he visited, insisting that he repay his debt for her kindness, doing various chores and errands for her. A normal Asgardian would do no such thing for a meager Midgardian… most of them believed the Midgardians to be nothing more than beasts who could speak on special occasions, looking down on them as inferiors. The chores turned into social visits, checking in on how she was doing in her life. The visits became longer and longer until he was staying there for days at a time. Fandral soon came to realize none of the rumors about Midgardians were true… he slowly came to realize that what he was feeling was love.

Time continued on and on until they eventually married. Before they knew it, she was expecting a child. Fandral had never considered having a child until she confessed her pregnancy to him. He often trained the Asgardian children when it came to fighting, but other than that he had little experience in the matter of interacting with youth. He fretted if he would even be a good father in the first place, considering his past. During her pregnancy he was extremely twitchy, unsure if he was excited, nervous, dreadful, or ecstatic. Perhaps it was a mix of all four.

He had never heard of a half blood child either… would the child be able to fit in wherever it was raised? Would it have his vigor, skill, and prolonged life or would it just be a seemingly talented Midgardian?

Before he could even begin to truly delve into these pestering questions, the child was beginning its entrance into the world. The moment his wife had made mention that it was time for the child to arrive, Fandral bolted out the door seeking a doctor to help with the birth. The hours passed and the birth began. His wife screamed in agony and he held her hand while dabbing her flush face with a cool cloth. He did not understand how someone could be so saddened, so fearful, and so overjoyed all at the same time. He spoke soft whispers of encouragement to his beloved as she cried and begged for it to be over.

A small cry sounded and the doctor looked up and grinned “It’s a girl…”

Suddenly, Fandral’s world stopped. He heard the cry and was entranced by it. He watched as the doctor swaddled the infant and gently brought it over to them. His wife extended her arms weakly “L-Let me see her… please…”

Fandral peeked over his wife’s shoulder to finally witness the little one’s face. It was perfect… beyond words. Small blonde curls adorned her head and she softly stopped her crying as her mother held her.

“W what is her name…?” he choked.

“I I think her name should be Robyn…” the wife weakly responded, stroking the little one’s face.

“R Robyn… it’s… it’s perfect…” his eyes welled up and he reached a finger out to the bundle “M my little Robyn…”

He hesitantly took her in his arms, shocked by just how tiny she was. He half laughed, half sobbed as the child yawned and fell asleep when he held her.

“L-Love look… Love?” Fandral looked up to see his wife paling and her eyes fluttering. He suddenly felt his blood go cold and his happiness replaced with fear.

“Doctor?? What’s going on??” He exclaimed, trying not to move too much for the sake of the bundle in his arms.

“I-I don’t know… her… her body is just getting weaker by the second, like it can’t handle the birth.” The doctor said, rushing about Fandral’s wife and attempting to do what he could. With all his thoughts about the wellbeing of the child, he never stopped to consider the toll of a Midagrdian birthing a child that was half Asgardian.

Fandral handed the child to a nearby nurse and ran to his wife’s side “L-Love stay with me… come on… I I need you…”

His wife slowly opened her eyes and smiled weakly at her husband, shakily raising up her hand so he could hold it.

“No Fandral… she needs you now… I… I am always with you… both of you… p please… take care of her…” she said quietly.

Fandral let out a sob and nodded, suddenly going into a panic as he saw his wife’s expression change.

“L Love??? LOVE!” he jumped up and placed a hand on her cheek. He could feel the warmth rush away from cheeks, her flush face becoming pale. He practically felt the life leave her as she let out one final, weak breath, her eyes fixed on the child.

Fandral felt a rush of pure agony roll over him and he collapsed to his knees by her bedside, his tears falling upon her now limp hand. For a moment, he was unsure what he would do… but then he heard the tiny cry behind him.

He turned and stood, going to hold his child in his arms once again and trying to calm its cries.

“I promise… I I will always protect you… my babygirl, my little Robyn…”

A tear came to Fandral’s eye as he reflected upon that day… it was both the best and worst day in his existence. He looked back to the girl’s face, so much of it resembling her mother. She grew up at a rate just slightly faster than an Asgardian to the excitement of Fandral. Due to this he knew that she would live a long, almost eternal life. Her talents grew each day, having both an artistic side and a feisty side to her. As she grew up, Fandral loved to teach her fencing, something he was sure would have probably put his wife off, but something he would have taught her either way. She refused to take any form of bullying from anyone, knowing very well that she could handle almost any of her peers on Asgard in a fight, and she grew up strong and confident. She was the light of Fandral’s life… bringing more and more joy to him than he could imagine.

She now appeared to be about 6 in Midgardian years, but had the intelligence of one twice her age… a trait that was obviously a gift from her mother. Her blonde hair tumbled down her shoulders, half curls and half waves similar to her father and her eyes were a beautiful grey-blue just like her mother. She was alert and agile, something that aided her fiery personality and made up for her lack of height.

Fandral chuckled slightly at the thought of her stubbornness when Robyn stirred and slowly woke up “D Daddy? What are you doing?”

Fandral smiled at the little one as she sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “Love, how would you like to see the first snowfall of the year?”

She suddenly flew up, obviously wide awake now, and grabbed onto his hands excitedly “R Really? It is here??”

“Yes love, go put on your coat and shoes… hurry now… the snowfall is most beautiful in the starlight.” He smiled.

She leapt from her bed and found the clothes, putting them on so fast that she accidentally had the coat on inside out and almost put her boots on the wrong feet. Fandral walked over and flipped the coat right side out and helped her put it on.

She bolted to the door and bounced up and down excitedly “Come on daddy!!!”

He laughed and scooped her up, tickling her for a moment. He carried her out into the nearby woods and she gazed up at the sky in wonder. Her cheeks began flushing from the cold and her breath came out in puffs of white. Fandral watched the snow for a moment but looked down to his daughter as she leaned against his shoulder. He smiled and realized… nothing could make him happier than this moment right now. Nothing could bring him more joy than his little Robyn.
I apologize if this is messy and choppy. I don't normally write fanfiction and I did this all in one night as a spur of the moment kind of thing.
Ok so I have been debating whether or not I wanted to present my own personal headcannon about Fandral having a child and I finally figured, "what the heck?" Robyn is an OC of mine who I have worked on for about a year now. She inherited the named from her Father and his historic tales on Asgard when he was known as Robin Hood.
With the whole wife situation, it is up to you to decide what time period it is all taking place in. I personally like to think of it as later in time, after the events of Thor.
The final scene was inspired by the wonderful picture I requested from :icondoodlinjaz: which can be seen here
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